Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall colours

Every day the yellow pushes the green out of the fig's leaves.

The roses' leaves give away my Neem-spraying habits of the last weeks. They have never had bad blackspot before, not these two David Austins. It was a grey, wet September. And after a brief blue interlude the clouds have returned and it will rain for a few days. Maybe.

I will sow some more fall greens and otherwise treat with respect my lumbar vertebrae whose noses were put out of joint during our Litter Mob on Tuesday. A heavy roll of fence had to be heaved down and along a slope. At least it is there, now. So is the nerve down the front of my right leg. Ouch.

When did I become this grumpy?

Asters are on That Other blog, now, and fences, later.


  1. Grumpiness can go hand-in-hand with a major stress like the one you're having with El Gato. It too shall pass.

  2. Your fig is so sturdy! Do you leave it out year round and if so, do you prepare it for winter?

  3. Thanks, Denise :-)

    Sheri - Yes, I leave it out. No special protection, except that I bring it lower down on the terrace.

  4. The roses are beautiful! About the Neem - do you mean it was ineffective on the black spot? (I've had a problem with scale insects lately, and Neem was recommended, but I was unsure if it would really work.)

  5. Leslie - no, the Neem is effective (The product I use is Bonide). I was referring to the white splashes on the leaves as evidence of the Neem. The black spot would be much worse without it. It does not/cannot cure affected leaves but prevents the spread of the fungus. Also spray anywhere where the leaves have fallen.


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