Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall colours

Every day the yellow pushes the green out of the fig's leaves.

The roses' leaves give away my Neem-spraying habits of the last weeks. They have never had bad blackspot before, not these two David Austins. It was a grey, wet September. And after a brief blue interlude the clouds have returned and it will rain for a few days. Maybe.

I will sow some more fall greens and otherwise treat with respect my lumbar vertebrae whose noses were put out of joint during our Litter Mob on Tuesday. A heavy roll of fence had to be heaved down and along a slope. At least it is there, now. So is the nerve down the front of my right leg. Ouch.

When did I become this grumpy?

Asters are on That Other blog, now, and fences, later.

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