Sunday, October 9, 2011

Litter Mob 12

Phyllotopsis nidulans in the October woods

Litter Mob 12 will be held on Tuesday, 9am, in the woods. Help wanted, as usual.

Directions. Please RSVP.

I have been informed that after de-littering our task will be to begin establishing a fence in order to start repairing some woodland floor. Manual labour is involved.

We try to break our three-hour sessions in two: After an hour-and-a-half of dragging heavy bags (bottles are the culprits) around, your wrist gets sore, your trash grabber callous has reappeared and you start to get grumpy. Nothing like some sweat to cure the condition.

There may be mushrooms, there will be asters. Leaves will be falling. you may speak to chipmunks.

All welcome!

(If we are very lucky there will be actual pink soap in the dispensers in the public bathrooms near Flatbush Avenue. It's a new phenomenon about which to gripe (I got tired of observing the always-full barbecue-coal bins): permanent lack of soap. Volunteers are provided with anti-bacterial gel, though, worry not. It's just nice to wash up afterwards.)

Over at the Litter Mob blog there is a guest post from someone who has visited these woods for 20 years.

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