Saturday, October 8, 2011

Did Bloomberg start Occupy Wall Street?

Has there been any discussion or analysis of the connection between Mayor Bloomberg's September 16th remarks where he said that there would be "riots in the streets" if Washington did not start generating jobs, and the beginning of the Wall Street protests?

Hardly a coincidence, don't you think, that Occupy Wall Street materialised soon after*?

Were the billioniare's words the pebble tossed in the lake? They were widely disseminated. From the New York Times to an angling forum.

I heard them on WNYC, and remember pricking up my ears.

New York Post
New York Times
Daily Mail
Stripers online

Just wondering...

Ironic that now he complains  that protesters are taking people's jobs away. Make up your mind, Sir.

* Actually, the next day. Maybe Mayor Mike had intel.


  1. I think our times ask for 'riots in the streets'. Maybe not riots, but certainly peaceful demonstrations! I do hope that more people go out and protest against the malfunctioning of our governments. My country (Belgium) could use a bit of that. Even if we haven't had a real government for the last 482 days. Austerity measures and populism are not the solution to the problem! And I don't even want to think about ending up in some kind of global environmental crisis... Anyway, we can't say that we don't live in exciting times!

  2. This entire event has been organized by unions and the [George Soros] force$ that back them from the shadows.
    Two days ago, I received an email from SEIU to go out and organize an "Occupy Coquille" event to show my solidarity, blahblah, with these socialist morons.

    They are a mob. "Our name is Legion, for we are many". They stand for nothing but destruction. They build nothing, sow nothing but the seeds of fear.

    This mob is not a group of thoughtful individuals standing together for a cause greater than themselves- that is, freedom, self-determination, self-reliance, the right to carefully build something of their own for the future. Tea partiers have respect for other people and their property.

    But these mob louts are socialists and believe they know what's best for everyone else. If we don't stand against these Marxists, they will steal everything we have, everything we stand for.

  3. Marie, I believe that OWS has been a long time in the making (and long overdue) and not touched off by Mr. Bloomberg's remarks. If you do not know of the sites that have been tracking the movement since day 1, here's a link to one of them, with posts going back to the "beginning" ...


  4. Anonymous - we in the States are not used to taking to the streets. It is more comfortable being stuck in front of the television :-) It's long overdue.

    Solange - well, the country is in a mess. I think you agree. And this is a symptom of the mess. Young people cannot afford to pay for tuition, sick people cannot afford to be well. Banks are bailed out and individuals who borrowed from them lose their homes. I assure you that many of the people there are not "louts". I know them personally. They are thoughtful, they are worried, and they are there.

    Ikaika - thanks, yes, it's been pointed out to me. I just thought the timing very interesting. Perhaps a permit tipped him off.


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