Thursday, October 6, 2011

Foraging weekend

October 2010

First I and then the Frenchie will head into Pennsylvania this weekend, to stay with our friends Ellen and Michael in their house in the whispering woods. It will be a good break from the city; one never really realizes that until night falls, supper has been eaten, showers have been taken, teeth brushed and the covers turned back in the guest bedroom.

You lie down and...


Black, humming silence.

Ellen making pear wine

I'll be Ellen's assistant as she works on a foraging project that requires cooking for a shoot (by this man, whose images are beautiful) and then maybe we'll have time to sip some wine...

Ellen's wine

And to look for things. Like mushrooms...

Horn of Plenty, in the moss lawn

But we hear good things in New York too, you know. All of last night and this morning geese have been flying in V's high above us, honking, heading south. It is one of my favourite sounds in the world.


  1. Have fun! It will be a glorious weather weekend. There is an oak wood near where I will be planting garlic -I will hunt the chicken.

  2. Have fun. Sounds like an epic New York garlic planting adventure.

  3. I am sipping a vintage beet from 2008 and missing you & Vince. Lemon-blueberry pudding cakes have just come out of the oven. It's been a glorious weekend weather-wise but would have been much more fun with your company.


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