Monday, October 10, 2011

October evening

The weekend saw me laid low by a lurgi, so I stayed home. I'd wanted to take pictures at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Preserve, but the Frenchie set off on my behalf, and came back with some gorgeous images.

On Sunday the cat and I went the roof to water the farm. Having a lurgy positively demands a medicinal gin and tonic. The cat has been taking his new pills for three days, now. He still wants a lot of water, so we will just watch, and wait.

This is the Italian kale and it is doing very well, but something is EATING it. Bloody hell. 

The dwarf kale is also fantastic. It doesn't look very dwarfish, I wonder if I mixed the seeds up. I'd better check. Anything is possible.

I lay down on the slender parapet wall between us and raccoon house. The bluestone was warm under my back, and I looked up at the wide open and blue sky and breathed. It's the best I have felt in a long time.


  1. This brought a smile to my face.

    Hope your lurgey is leaving soon.

    xo J.

  2. Very nice pics!! Your balcony pics always get me in a greenie happy mood :)

    I found out that actually a pair of cicadas are eating my parsnip leaves. I don't want to kill them myself so I'm battling to shoo them away since last week with no luck, but being cooler now will solve the problem in a couple of days :)

  3. I looked at that moon too. It's moving on to "full" I saw it hanging above the Amandla Tree on a very warm evening after a very hot day. I gardened slowly under the afdak where it was cooler.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, I love your terrace!

  5. What a bummer. Feeling unwell on such a beautiful weekend. Feel better so you can capture some of the fall color in Prospect Park on Tuesday.

  6. Get well soon! Can't have you AND the cad poorly at the same time! Great images...bella luna, full tonight:) x

  7. I am sorry about the stingy unwellness, yet I love your medicinal solution! LOL! I adore the simplicity of your life! or at least it seems simple!



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