Monday, October 24, 2011

Blogging from Bed

A kind email from Jane reminded me that it is Monday and there is no new blog post. It is very unMarie, she said.

She's right. The earth stood still.

It's been quite a week and culminated in a very sore throat which had me whispering to Vince yesterday inbetween drinking gallons of hot ginger and thyme tea, typing furiously away at a project, and sipping chicken soup laced with powdered ancho peppers. Then I took some time off to watch an instant movie and Netflix promptly crashed. Oh, universe. So I was forced to watch the minutely tedious Andromeda Strain, one of the few titles Netflix was able to offer while rebooting their system. I tried Precious, but that was far too much reality and way too close to home. I chose the bug from outer space.

I am now going to bed, with more ginger and thyme tea: slice a quarter of a cup of fresh ginger, and pour a cup of boiling water over it. Add a handful of fresh thyme and steep for five minutes before drinking. I sweeten mine with some chestnut honey.

I'll take my laptop with me...I promised a malva pudding recipe.


  1. Uiters crappy. Hoop jy voel vinnig stukke beter.

  2. Marie, so sorry to hear that you are sick. Sometimes the "nurser" becomes the "nursee." Rest up and hang out with Vince and Don Estorbo; they will help you feel better.:)

  3. Ai tog. Dis nie lekker nie. Jy en Estorbo vol kwale. Word gou gesond.

  4. Being sick is so awful and feels like such a big waste of time. I hope you feel much better very soon. Is there someplace Vince can get you some very good chicken soup without you having to make your own?

  5. Get well soon :) I'm a real wimp when it comes to sore throats - sounds like a great recipe for tea though, gonna keep that one....

  6. Hope you are already feeling better. Sore throats are such a pain! But your tea sounds like just the thing. If it doesn't work... I'd add some bourbon.

  7. Webb is right. I've had a sore throat and cough for too long now. I'm on my second box of Throat Coat tea. My last cup is laced with honey and bourbon at night.

    Feel better soon.


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