Monday, October 24, 2011

13th Litter Mob postponed

Prospect Park 2 November 2010

Due to its instigator's indisposition, the next - and 13th - Litter Mob is on Tuesday the 24th of October the 1st of November at 9am.

In fact, it was about last November that I started my freak-out about the amount of litter in the Prospect Park woods. It seems long ago, and far away...


  1. Interesting blog...really lovely photos...

    I'd like to follow along - possible?

    I didn't see the option, I'll check again.

    Your blog space is really nice - has a calming feel, how is that possible in 66 sq. ft.???
    Nice to see a farm and tractor aren't needed to achieve peace.

  2. LapDogKnits -hi, and thank you...You can follow 66 Square Feet by adding it to your Reading List, when you have logged in to your Blogger account. I just don't keep the Followers widget visible on my blog...


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