Sunday, October 2, 2011

Atlantic Antic - where to eat

La Mancha's grilled sardines

If you're heading to the Atlantic Antic today and this is your first, aim for La Mancha near the Henry Street intersection, on the north side of Atlantic. That is the best place to be, if you are hungry. Sausage, sardines and paella, and wicked sangria. The Chip Shop next door will sell you some cold beer.

The Red Hook Lobster Pound is is worth a (more expensive) visit, too. Last year they were on the south side of Atlantic between Henry and Clinton.

The rest of the enormous street fair (1 million people are alleged to attend) seems to be going very mainstream: more funnel cakes, more Italian sausages are popping up. The good food trucks and excellent Pizza Moto seem not to be materializing. Why? By comparison, the food at the Brooklyn Flea is ahead of the times. Is it a crowd and supply thing?

If it's supply, then La Mancha is on top of it. They sling those fishies pretty fast. Once you've stocked up on the grilled fish wander with a drink, listen to music, and take pictures. But the best part is inside you.

Where will we be? Cruising in open water, off the Rockaways, looking for whales. Hopefully. American Princess Cruises are not exactly reliable with their schedules - it's our last chance before they close for the season. We'll be munching on lamb and spinach pies bought from Damascus Bakery...

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  1. What a great event.

    I've just been drooling over the Lobster rolls, how superb are they?

    Any unwanted claw meat, send it this way.

    I hope you get to see the whales and post a pic.

  2. Good luck with the whales, I hope they appear for you:)

  3. Damascus Bakery - Mmmmmmmmmmm...

    Hope you get to see some whales. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.


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