Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall kale

The best performers on the roof are the dwarf kale (front of basket), followed by the Italian kale, and then the Red Streak mustard greens. Ailing right now are the red mustard and wild arugula, and this is because they are in the narrow troughs, whose drainage is not as good as the big pots. Something to bear in mind. I should have added more holes; they are sitting wet and they don't like it one little bit.  The Frilly mustard should be called hirsute mustard - it's full of prickly fuzz. Not fun on the tongue. I'll sow another kale crop. Oh, and the peas are wonderful, I keep cutting the tips off and eating the shoots as salad.

Very slow - the broccoli raab, still tiny, the onions,  and the parsnips. Very curious to see if the latter will make it through winter.

Now off to the Cobble Hill Animal Clinic with the cat. I dread vet trips. He has been drinking far too much water. My furry friend, I love him so.
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