Monday, October 3, 2011


And the nip at the edges has arrived.

It has been a poor summer for the roses. The cooler weather will allow them to bloom longer. But I feel as though we skipped September. 

The anemones are engaged in their last hurrah. Then what? 

Always, then what.

Strawberries, as ever.

And the plectranthus a late, late blue.

All very well, but there are things to do, giants to slay, dinner to cook.


  1. I am still mourning September and October is proving a perfect month to do so,all grey and rainy.

    Is slaying a giant the same as cleaning your house?

    If so, me too.

    xo J

  2. What beautiful photos again Marie! October over here in England has been the hottest on record - a scorching 29 point something on Saturday and late 20's thru to today. Gorgeous high blue skies and extremely crunchy autumn leaves! I'm told this is all about to come to an abrupt halt but at least it has delayed the start of what is usually a very long, cold, damp winter :)

  3. What a good wall color can do for you!


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