Saturday, October 15, 2011

Prospect Park litter update

If you're dying to know what's happening in the woods of Prospect Park, check in at the Litter Mob blog for the latest news:

Litter Mob 12 results
The Messiest Log in the World


  1. Solange...thanks. Yeah, well my lower back has issues, anyway, but last time was a good reminder that there is no sense in hurting myself for this.

  2. I simply CANNOT understand the mentality of the users of this park. SURELY they would prefer to do what they do in a decent, clean environment. Who wants to have sex, or do anything else for that matter, in a place of squalor and filth. Especially given that the park COULD be and certainly must be in other places, a beautiful place. It beggars belief!
    Marie, if I lived in the area, I would help clean up...
    Good luck working with the authorities, you have to be persistent to get anywhere, I am sure, rather like our Council authorities who Friends of the Arderne Gardens have to deal with.


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