Friday, October 14, 2011

The most local salad

Perhaps, in a former life, I was a rabbit.

Anyway, these bowls of green leaves are making me very happy. 

But: I am having squirrel issues. First time, ever. Then again, I have never planted fall crops before, and this is acorn-burying season. The squirrel is going, Whoo hoo! All this nice fresh soil, unclogged by dying tomato plants! 

I know it's him, because he tosses about oak leaves as evidence. Not the brightest. 

So...chicken wire will be purchased. He's dug up my onions one time too many, and turned two of my precious sea rockets upside down. 

Occupy Roof Farm, says the squirrel. Inequitable division of resources.


  1. ahhh, we have those same determined squirrels here, in our small back yard garden down south in florida. your blog is quite lovely - i found it through elk's link. glad i did :)

  2. Send in the sheriff - Estorbo?

  3. Somehow it never occurred to me that you would ever have squirrels on your roof - aargh! I agree with sending in the Don - especially if he is feeling better.

  4. Squirrels are simply rats in nicer clothes. We have ground squirrels who attempt to populate every square inch of our 5 acres. They are the main reason I have no garden. It would require a fortress.

  5. A little cayenne pepper sprinkled in the pots keep the squirrels away.

  6. Perhaps in a previous life the squirrel was a gardner.

  7. Try living under a 70-foot black walnut tree. "Hmmm," says the squirrel. "Where will I bury my nuts? Ah, how about this nice pot?" Repeat scene 10,000 times. They don't even run far when I open the back door -- they just wait until I go back in. But I have lived with them and this nutty tree for 28 years now, so I should be getting used to it soon....


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