Monday, October 5, 2009

Tribeca roof garden, soil delivery

The planters were put into place some weeks ago, and then the irrigation and lighting crew came in to run those lines up through the planters.

Then there was a pause while a humungous air conditioning unit was cut up and taken off the roof.

Today our soil-mix was delivered. Tomorrow the first plants will arrive.

Soil was delivered to two tarps spread on the still-clean pavers, and in two areas over steel I-beams crossing underneath the space.

We had a reunion with the Russians of RTVi. They are filming the whole process. Apparently two of the episodes they taped with me and with me and Natalie have already aired in Russia. We have yet to see the DVD's. We hear that Moscow liked our roof gardens. Moscow must send caviar.

It was good to hear their accents again. And to think we've run out of vodka at home.

To see the roof before anything was there, click this.
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