Thursday, October 22, 2009

Catskills' Fall

I am writing from Woodstock, where I am  quite blown away by the beauty. The colours are gorgeous, the trees movingly autumn-clad. There will be few if any posts over the next few days, but my memory sticks are filling up fast.

If you still have time to get away for fall colour, and are in the Hudson Valley neck of the woods, I recommend the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream very highly. It's the kind of motel you wish for: pretty, impeccably clean, and set near a broad stream over whose low rapids yellow trees lean and leaves sail.

We have picnicked every day on apples bought at farm stalls, one apple per meal, so that we are learning exactly how they differ. Honey Crisp is leading the pack.

More soon.


  1. Such a great time of year for apple-tasting here too. My favourites are English Cox's Orange Pippins, but they have to have slightly rough skin; the smooth-skinned ones aren't half as good.

  2. We love honey crisps so much that I sent some in a care package out to Gretta in college in IL. They are soooo good!

  3. Totally love honey crisps! but there are a lot of very old cultivars out there that are worth trying, and some not-so-old ones, too... The leaves look wonderful...have a great trip!

  4. ahh my friend. are you my soul mate? jim and have stayed woodstock and saugerties to get away...and honeycrisp always leads the pack in my book. did you eat at that new world whatever place in between thew two towns? it wasn't bad when we were up last winter!

  5. Rachel, hm, you've brought back a rough-skinned apple memory. I must remember.

    Karen - lucky girl!

    Paula - yep, we're learning...

    Bonbon, ..maybe? :-) Hm... we've eaten at the Bear Cafe. Red Onion...there was a great vegetarian place wanted to try, but we ran out of time.


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