Sunday, October 11, 2009


Last night's attempt worked very well. I have a basic method that I follow, and you can find it here. Shortcuts might make a good soup, but that soup will lack, I think, the depth of flavour that this one achieves. Stock first, then strain, start again with onions and fennel, pastis, and later cook the fish. Kind of like making demi glace after making veal stock, then Sauce Espagnole. Are you lost yet?

If I get it together I'll write this particular one's recipe - changeth the day changeth the recipe - down later this long weekend. Apparently my 'official' recipe has made it into my friend Molly's about-to-be-published memoir...with attribution, which is nice. And apparently a disguised version of me* makes it in too, in a 'relationships' chapter. Oh boy. Hopefully it really is disguised. New territory for me. Is this how Hemingway's friends felt?

The rouille met with the Frenchy's approval. I made the mayonnaise with pretty fruity olive oil so the flavour was strong, and I have never been to the south of France, so I wasn't sure. Plus a garlic clove and saffron, slathered on bread, then dunked.

* Update: Yeah. Disguised? Not. Goodbye friendship.


  1. Bouillabaise ... rouille ... pisaladiere (I was just at the cad's blog) ... Beence must be lovin' life!

    I can certainly appreciate your dual feelings of excitement/anxiety regarding your friend Molly's forthcoming memoirs. But still, I'm sure you are looking forward to the publication and it will be fabulous.


  2. C'est le jour de France chez Dinahmow
    Of course, all those prawn shells exclude me, but I have a good memory!

  3. Té, the "having never been to the South of France" (oh peuchère!) part is definitely something ajar that needs fixing. But the bouillabaisse was delicious!

  4. i've never been to france period, but i noticed many bloggers went to paris this fall. how long do i have to blog before i get to go? your bouillabaisse sounds fantastic. ages ago, i was the chef of a dc restaurant called le bouillabaisse...haven't eaten it since, but i might have to try it....

  5. looks incroyable as always...and of course i say KUDOS to your honorable mention!

  6. Hi Keli'i :-) - and I just made tiramisu. Having a man around is bad for the sweet tooth. How's that for a gross generalization?!

    Dinahmow, I'm sure one could come up with a shell-less version!

    Centvingt, merci xxx

    flwjane - seriously??? I remember that place, but I never ate there! Always thought I should. DC was the first place I ever made bouillabaisse...but you must have been SICK of it :-)

    Bonbon - welcome home! The It remains with me. On bottling it leaked through its seal, so I didn't want to risk an It-bomb in your post office :-( It must remain upright...


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