Friday, October 9, 2009

Roof garden plants

I promise not to post any more after this...

Above: a witch hazel, Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' already colouring for fall.

Below, Hydrangea pan. 'Grandiflora' - a sprawly one, not the oft-seen standard.

And the Franklinia...maybe I am smitten, after all. It has a soft scent of roses, and rain drops look like diamonds on the white petals.

Not a rose, but the camellia opening! I think it likes its new home. It was a city camellia after all.


  1. I thought camellias bloomed much later. I was on the bus the other day and passed what looked to me like a fall blooming rhodi, but thought that can't be right, thought camellia blooms later. So no, camellia blooming now? Are these our green tea camellias?

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  3. Frank - Sasanqua camellias typically bloom in early winter/late fall with japonicas in late winter/early spring.

    But Winter's Snowman is a hybrid with some sasanqua...Its one parent is C. olifera (used to producing edible oil from its seeds in Asia!)

    " 'Winter's Snowman' -- [C.sasanqua 'Narumi-gata' x C.hiemalis 'Shishi-gashira'] x C.oleifera 'Plain Jane' . Vigorous, upright to columnar growth. Lends itself to making a tall, narrow hedge. Leaves leathery, semi-glossy, dark green. Flowers are white, semi-double to mostly anemone, slightly cupped. Blooms from mid-November through December. Cold hardy to -23° C."

    From here:

  4. I love your pictures and perspective on plants, I look forward to new plant 101 from you everyday!

  5. beeyootiful! i lovelovelove camellias..i once went to the temple of a thousand camellias and met an old monk there and designed a collection around it and you have just reminded me of how i love them for this reason. thank you. it really is fall now isn;t it?

  6. Franklinia - I am in love too! How did you plant yours? I would like to try one in a container on my patio, and yours is gorgeous.

  7. Francine - this is a terrace, protected, and they are planted in Complete Planting Mix, made by Fafard. We'll see - it's a bit of an experiment. I do not think they will respond well to wind.


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