Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taking the pulse

Last night I dreamed of soccer ball-sized spiders that jumped backwards through glass walled rooms, that someone had sawn my fig tree in half, and that Vincent had lost an eye tooth.


  1. Whatever's causing you to have these dreams, I'm sure it's nothing that a nice after-work cocktail can't cure.

  2. Well, I was wondering what you *had* been drinking...

  3. Thomas - excellent idea :-) Done.

    Kary - beers after work at French bistro...

    Dinahmow :-)corn-stuffed butternut for dinner?

    Sigrid, teeth on either side of two front teeth UU

  4. Seegreed - make that either side of the 4 front teeth (in the first row, in case hillbillies are reading this)! :-)


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