Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photo Competition

...over at Garden Bytes, and the deadline is October 28th.

Theme: Great Garden Animals.

If you don't have your own animal, borrow one or photograph a gazelle in your cabbage patch or a bear in the viburnum. Or a cat making war on the roses.

The Ellens have a great prize for the winner. A folding SAW! I like saws.


  1. judging from the photo, you don't need a pruning saw; you have one.

  2. what fun!! the best garden photo i ever had never came out of course...Louie trotting alongside a woodchuck into the garden...which is when i realized simultaneously 1) how big woodchucks are 2) who had been eating my garden 3) how my cat extended friendliness not just to every human and almost every cat he ever met and 4) how i needed a @#$^ing new camera.


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