Monday, October 5, 2009

Pizza moto

At the Atlantic Antic yesterday...

We had wandered down east from the Henry Street sardine corner, and had not found the world's best schwarmas, just like last year. Oh well. At least I tasted them when I did. Their memory lingers. Then we walked past the wood-fired oven on wheels belonging to Pizza Moto. I saw them in action at the Yard, in the summer, with a line wrapped around the Gowanus Canal, and bailed after taking some pictures for Brokelyn.

At the antic they had one offering, which was wise, and it was standard Margarita.

If their supplies really come from Wild Edibles then even more respect is due...

They said they make 40-50 pizzas an hour.

The pies were $9 each and quite delicious.

Fresh, bright sauce, just-melted mozarella.

We sat on the kerb, feet in the gutter and dripped juice all over the place.

Vince and I felt like Jane and Michael Stern, at the soon to be defunct Gourmet, if you can believe it. Gourmet is to be shuttered. Where will Ruth and Coleman go now?


  1. Marie, the pizza looks amazing. My favorite food...and YES ! I too just heard the news about Gourmet folding..An institution...GONE !
    I have read that since high school...


  2. Oh, I LOVE the black kitty..I have one that looks just like that....just a pure black kitty..he was a stray..and now is mine...I call him MUMBIE..and he is so adorable......

  3. are you two as funny as jane & michael stern?

  4. Wow, that pizza looks excellent. Simply delicious. I wish I had that oven in my kitchen!

  5. dit lyk lieflik daardie. en ek is mal oor die idee van 'n straatfees, veral as daar sulke wonderlike kosse by betrokke is.

  6. A friend is an editor/writer at Gourmet. Or was. No idea what he'll do.


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