Saturday, October 17, 2009

Floor picnic

We took a picnic for dinner to the Inn where my mom is staying, and spread it out on the floor, which has seen better days, but possibly not better picnics. At Grand Central yesterday we found delectable Dolomite prosciutto, from Austria, paper thin, as well as tidbits like liverwurst and fresh, juicy white asparagus, and a cheese that lay down and cried, as my mother reminded us.

(Apparently I wasn't too keen on the Wind in the Willows when I was little, though I love it now. Maybe I was suspicious of old Badger in the woods entertaining those innocent young boy animals? ALL those animals are boys of course, except for Toad, who cross dresses! Still, that Ratty could pack a mean picnic...)

We also brought with us from Brooklyn the gorgeous radishes we'd picked up at the farmers' market, as well as some cauliflower and carrots for dipping into bagna cauda, easily assembled by carrying the little ceramic bowl , trivet and candle. The oil, anchovies and garlic went into a flask after they'd cooked at home.


  1. This looks like picnic perfection to me.

  2. What a nice idea! Picnics indoors are always rather special, because they usually have a good underlying reason for having them.

    Badger was a rather forbidding figure, his image not helped by the truly frightening experience of those little animals in the woods before they found his door....

  3. I don't think I gave the cheese time to even lay down, let alone cry...

  4. Looks scrummy - please give my regards to your mom. I saw her as she was leaving the Cape Hort Society show a few weeks ago - with only a few iron plants and scilla natalensis - was v impressed by her amazing restraint! Moi - I left with a leetle gasteria, some ex open haemanthus and boophane and 2 Helleborus. Can you believe it - my first foray into Helleborus Land...

  5. nice touch with the little warming dish--bagna cauda, i assume.

  6. I'm beyond impressed that your mom enjoys a floor picnic.


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