Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogging for the big boys

My blogging life will become a little more official soon, when I start a weekly post for AOL's Shelterpop blog. I will be focusing on gardens and plant-related Stuff, not too different from what I do chez 66 Square Feet, but rather more focused, I think! It's a novel idea, blogging for pretty decent pay, and not unwelcome, I must say. I have Allison Mezzafonte to thank for this foray into the mainstream: she was a fellow judge for the BBG's Greenest Block in Brooklyn Competition, and is the Senior Editor for AOL's Home and Garden. She is also training for the New York Marathon. Phew.

It does mean that it will take a day from my personal blogging, but hopefully it won't be noticed. In the meantime I am wading through the necessary legalese and taking more seriously whom I photograph from which angle and with what permission. Jeepers.

I think I'll stick to plants, and what can be done with (or to) them.
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