Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

On this rainy New York morning I woke to find a table of flowers, Mimosas (Buck's Fizz to you lot over the pond) and a bag of Doritos. From a man who knows me. Hm hm hm. We are ready for our trailer park now. Or maybe we are just practising for our Airstream Dream (driving across the country in...).

My dad called in a public voice from Bloemfontein Airport, en route to Cape Town, and reminded me that it is the city of my birth; and we will see my mom in a couple of hours for a small lunch at Balthazar. I am cooking for dinner. I like cooking. I have wanted to make Deborah Madison's Braised Root Vegetables with Lentils and Red Wine Sauce* forever, and we brought an armload of Hudson Valley turnips, beets, carrots, fingerling potatoes and parsnips back from our trails. And grass fed beef short ribs from Fleisher's, in Kingston, a butcher and beautiful uptown area worth a detour.

* Local Flavors, Deborah Madison, Random House, New York, 2002.
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