Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pictures for a Sunday

In bright cold sunlight we head back today for New York, the city, leaving New York, the wilds. Above, the little town of Phoenicia, caught in the cross hairs of wires, set beside a wide stream rushing over round stones.

We found a beautiful pass, un-named on a map.

Finally, how to catch a deer.


  1. so beautiful-thanks for bringing the peace and beauty of your trip upstate to my living room. have a good drive home-a gorgeous day to do it! can you stop thru bard college on the way back? it's very pretty\too!

  2. Glorious colours and landscape. How wonderful to live in a land where there is so much space!

  3. Ahhh, that lone red tree among all the others, also reflected in the water... and the unnamed pass. Thank you for taking the city-bound on a trip through the fall colours!

  4. I love the picture of that orange tree. Definitely frame worthy.

  5. That is some red tree!

    I'm glad you still got color on this early color year.

    The "Posted" makes me think of the 'fracking' issue which has once again subsided from the news.

  6. Your red tree certainly caught everyone's eye. Great photos! All the years we lived in Canada and Minnesota we looked and looked for deer crossing the road and never saw one -- and we're talking about 13 years total and thousands of miles!

  7. Lovely pictures! Maybe next fall if you have time you can go even further afield...the Adirondacks are spectacular at this time of year. And if you want to see deer crossing the road, come on down to this part of Virginia...the gorgeous critters are everywhere in such abundance some people think of them as pests.


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