Friday, October 9, 2009


Personally, it should have been the Nobel Prize for Hope. I am interested in pre-emptive Peace, though.

But Peace is well...

...what are you gonna do with a bunch of humans, after all?

Really, you want the answer?

Don't make more.

Humans, I mean.

Leave it to the trees and the animals (the ones that are left). The world.

Maybe I haven't had enough coffee.


  1. personally I feel the same... I always thought there should be a "means" test before humans were allowed to procreate....and I definitely don't mean monetary....

  2. Hmmmm...interesting. I hear you. I once heard a terrific sermon on licensing folks before they could become parents. We require licenses for simple things like driving and practicing professions. What about licensing for one of the most profound jobs in the world? Let me tell you, there was some interesting dialog after that sermon!

    And, full disclosure here, I'm a woman who has worked hard to raise four pretty neat pro-active young people. They are also working, filled with hope, to create peace in this crazy world.

    Like you, Marie, I was delighted to hear the news. I wrote about it today, too.


  3. P.S. What does Don Estorbo think of the news?

  4. Have some tea. It helps. Then go to my blog. I like peace. I like "seeds" too.

  5. I feel the same too. I thought there will be interesting results if we compare the amount of resources we need to reproduce and sustain oneself versus the amount of contribution one person can give back. (One way to reduce our carbon footprint)

  6. I've thought about the licensing thing for a long time. I teach school and when we come across parents who obviously should not have procreated, my friend Robbie always says, "And you need a license to catch a fish......." Overpopulation is a topic with too-little's the root of all other problems.


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