Sunday, October 4, 2009

Atlantic Antic sardines

There they were, round the corner from home, in a cloud of sardine-ish smoke. I queued. And while I waited Vince went to a stand next door operated by the Chip Shop to get beer. Beer in public. In the street. This is not normal. I mean, it should be, but it isn't. Very exciting.

Oktoberfest Hoffbrau is all the tap said.

Then I spotted Don Orlando, a gardening friend, behind the sangria table. Very soon we had a complimentary sangria, too. Sunday was off to a rolling start, and not a sardine eaten yet.

We stood and got smoked. I panicked and ordered four sardines. They were $3 each and quite big. But I should have got more. There was a lot of pressure.

We squeezed under a rope cordoning off La Mancha's sardine, chorizo and paella-eating patrons, and asked to share a tiny table with two women who were gracious and friendly and provided wet wipes afterwards for our fingers. They were Marie and Aida and said they come every year for the sardines.

The fish? Perfect. Charred, very fresh, a squeeze of lemon, a bite of white bread, a mouthful of cold beer.

By far the best food on the entire stretch. But I shall have to write a post about the pizza...



  1. You ate them all? Oh dear, we told The Cat you were going to bring him sardines...Oops!
    Seriously, that reads like a most enjoyable street fest.(They don't "do" food here.)

  2. Next year I want some of these sardines.

  3. There's nothing like sardines and a beer at the zoo...

  4. Just wondering...can you get Lowenbrau over there? Worth looking for.

  5. oh man! I don't know why but I couldn't find those sardines. Kept seeing them on plates, but didn't see the stand. LOOKS AWESOME.

    And for sure, the best street fair of the year.

  6. You are making me very hungry... fresh yummy sardines over a grill? Went to pricey restaurant in the DC area where similarly prepared fish was on the menu but they ran out!!!! Thanks for the vicarious taste.

  7. Mmmm. Yum! Reminds me of the Sardine run on the South Coast in South Africa.


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