Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dogwood fruit

Shopping on Friday on Long Island, I wandered into a mini grove of dogwoods at a nursery, and started grazing. The fruit is at peak ripeness. The skin is not nice (leathery and tannic) , so I break the fruit open and eat the insides, which include some large seeds. The flavour is a lot like ripe papaya. Apparently I did the same thing - and said the same thing - last year, too.


  1. What's the difference between your dogwood and my dogwood? Gonna have to start speakin latin;)

    Makes me question my ID-a-bility.

  2. Mine is kousa and yours is florida!


  3. That's why I plant kousas for all my I can graze!

  4. Ellen, too! And amelanchiers...

  5. Yes, yes. I've never seen (or noticed, 24 year old I was) the Kousa fruit, but do remember planting them. REmarkably asian looking, lychee-ish.


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