Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Foraging class in Brooklyn

Chokecherries - Prunus serotina

Registration has just opened for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's fall classes. If you'd like to sign up for my November 18th class, Cooking with Wild Foods and Weeds,  or know anyone who might like to, please head over to the BBG's website.


The class will be a virtual foraging romp through New York City's underbrush, month by month, with recipes and ideas for using these new and wild foods. We'll also talk about foraging do's and don'ts, and I'll share some of my favourite foraging spots after threatening blabbers with death.

Sea rocket - Cakile edentula

It's an afternoon class and I'm weighing up whether to feed attendees delicate butter cookies spiced with local flora, tea sandwiches laced with...something, or whether to mix some berry- and leaf-infused drinks. I'd better check the alcohol rules. I suppose it could be a syrup, with sparkling water?

Juneberry compote - Amelanchier sp.

What do you think? Cookies? Sandwiches? Drink?

Small budget ($5 per person)...

Sweet fern-infused gin - Comptonia peregrina

And if you were to come to such a class, what would you like to learn or see? I've yet to finalize it, as my nose is still deep in my book manuscript and pressed to my camera for the same reason, but I will come up for air to put it all together in October. So suggestions are welcome.

Pickled field garlic  - Allium vineale
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