Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hen of the woods for supper

Travel hopefully. And always carry a paper bag.

Pizza dough is rising, and I'm about to start making a bechamel with parmigiano added, as the sauce base (don't want to kill them with strong tomato sauce). Hens will be sauteed in butter with lots of thyme, a drip of lemon juice, then added as the topping.

I may sound calm, but I'm not.


  1. That sounds just like a pizza I had recently, one where I felt actual sadness when we finished it. Good call on skipping the tomato sauce. It sounds perfect.

  2. There's a little bit of drool spilling out the right side of my mouth.

  3. porrothecat - you're funny. I feel that sadness too often, I'm afraid :)It was good.

    Ellen - I'm drying some today. Your open oven method worked on a test batch...Would you like some fresh? By tomorrow they will be two days old, but I could deliver to Dumbo.


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