Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trapps Road

In the downpouring of Saturday we drove out of the Old Stone House at Hurley and headed down to New Paltz, to look for leaves in the rain. It was wet. About ten seconds before taking the picture above, near Esopus, I tripped, and slipped down an embankment and went sliding on my face in the mud. Let's just say that my white corduroys are no more.

Below, we drove down the small and winding Trapps Road, in the Shawangunk Mountains in the Minnewaska State Park, looking for a covered bridge that we never found. In the mist the woods were saturated with colour.

Near a ramshackle house we passed two goats and two wet sheep on leashes, browsing on the forest floor.

We returned the next day, in high blue sky and sunlight, to find the effect of the mist to have been entirely more beautiful.


  1. beautiful! & Happy belated birthday!

  2. Mist is one of Nature's greatest beautifiers, I think.

    Mud, however, leaves much to be desired....

  3. Shawangunks, a favorite place. I am not familiar with the covered bridge.

    One of my favorite roads is Clove Rd.

  4. These are the most magical photographs. I'll be back to visit them again when I need a mind-wandering episode. :)

  5. Gorgeous! It's like something out of an old English novel.

  6. I don't remember a covered bridge, either...then again, i only lived in the area for a year, 30 years ago (??!!). But i do remember the beauty of the Shawangunks...worked as a chambermaid at Minnewaska and learned to cross country ski, all while supposedly doing my dissertation field work. Lovely lovely pictures! (sorry about your slip in the mud...yuck and ouch)


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