Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First rosebud

The climbing Iceberg. One bud, weeks ahead of the rest.
2/3's of the arugula seedlings have wilted at the waist. I don't know why.
So I planted sprouting garlic cloves. Which are up.
The fig has embryonic leaves showing at the tips of its branches.
I have ordered my Geranium "Rozanne".
The new sage plants have been planted.
The white liatris has pushed up leaves.
Cosmos seeds have sprouted.
Heirloom spinach is making its grown-up leaves.
Volunteer bronze fennel is shooting up all over. That's nice.
Jim Glover is going to sell me neutered chives :-). If you live in NYC or near Long Island ask your local nursery to stock his perennials. They are the best.
Lilies are inches out of the ground.


  1. wow that's an early rosebud! are "neutered" chives ones that don't set flowers? but..but...don't you love the flowers? especially floating in a bottle of vinegar?

  2. I am going to form an association for the protection of chives and black cats. This is war.

  3. QC - yes, it's an absurd thing, the early rose. The chives do make flowers, but do not set seed. In this case I don't wnat them to self seed, though that would not usually be a concern...

    Amarilla, I think it feels like a flame. Sort of self-righteous, too.

    Estorbo, it's too late for that, kitty. Your cojones are a thing of the past. And since when do you speak with a French accent?


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