Monday, May 9, 2011

Tomatoes from Kensington

Spot the odd one out?

Betsy and Frank brought over five healthy happy tomatoes last night - Brandywine, Black Russian, Bella Rosa, Sun Gold, and the Ricotta cultivar (name forgotten); it is safe to say that we will be eating a smorgasboard of the fruit late this summer. If All Goes Well.  

We're on our way up to the roof for a supper picnic now and will talk to the melons up there, who are thinking of throwing themselves off. They say it's cold, lonely and they don't like the view. High maintenance. Curious to see how they fare. 

Tomorrow, our date with litter. We'll be back.


  1. Yes! Those are not tomato leaves in that glass!

  2. Because nothing says summer like a vodka and tonic with a slice of lime and some tomato leaves:)

    xo J.

  3. What do you feed your G&T? The ones I put out in the garden never survive.

  4. too bad that ricotta variety is not mozzarella. i often lament not being able to grow that part of the caprese salad.

    i do hope will share how your the G&Ts survive.

    you used the bamboo mats to keep the temps down for your tomato(s) last year, didn't you?

  5. So here's the trick with growing G&T's. You never ever, let the glass grow half empty. Also, they need company. As for food, they like it lean, very lean.

    I hope someone knows what I'm talking about because I have no idea!

  6. reisenstraube grape, also known as the ricotta tomato, which I like more, always seeming to pick the Italian in me over the German -must be the preponderance of the last name.


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