Monday, May 9, 2011

Terrace weather

After reading Frank's blog for years we at last met him and his wife Betsy for a lamb braai on the terrace last night. The lamb turned out well, with enough hot coals left to cook a small herd of piglets, and we talked about the Big Woods, Minnesota, ticks, pea shoots, wild flowers, the Parks Department, bears and floating malls. A good meeting. Frank will be interviewed on Last Chance Foods (WNYC) soon. All about peas. We ate fava bean leaves in our salad, the only thing fit to eat from the roof farm. And I need more pots for some serious tomato seedlings, fresh from Kensington. They took home a couple of the strawberry children, who will live on the farm at the Rockaways....


  1. We had a lovely time. Thank you and Vince, and Los Paisanos, friend. Love the mint suspended in water.

  2. Our pleasure, Frank. The water did get mintier and mintier. We should have sent you home with lamb bags...

  3. When your friends Frank and Betsy take you to Minnesota ask them to take you to Thielen Meats of Pierz. It might be out of the way but it is worth it, and since you all seem trustworthy, you would be welcome to stay at my lake cabin, if you don’t already have one to visit. Of course, that would mean you would also have to stop at Esser's Warehouse Liquors in Brainerd for a case or three of Dinkel Acker. Presumably if I’m not in the sauna I am out sailing. The Weber is beside the front porch, feel free to get started, unless you want to try the cast iron stove in the kitchen. (It’s a very old cabin.) Oh, and your husband might want to bring his dry suit – the lake has a 30+ foot depth clarity and is 209 feet deep but cold, cold, cold. And yes, there are ticks, but then I’ve had Lyme three times and lived to tell the tale. Alas, there’s no silver or linen or champagne flutes. In other words: I’m happy to hear that you have friends who call the land of “sky-tinted water” home. For some of us it is close to heaven…

  4. Hi Carrie - hmmmm. Which one is your lake? We'll bring the champagne flutes :-)


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