Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring meatballs

From Bevan, Istanbul-side (where 66 Square Feet was recently unbanned! Informing me of the censoring,  he wrote and said, 'My dear, What have you done?' As it turned out it wasn't just me, it was anyone with a blogspot. Bi-zarre. All to do with a TV company and sports rights. So they just banned everyone.):


My 1960's Turkish recipe by 'a cook' says:


When Spring has clothed everywhere around in emerald, fruits of the earth like spring onions and dill, and lovingly prepared Kashkaval cheese make their appearance.

Amongst these green riches, it is understandable to choose young lamb rather than mutton.

First mix together a good quantity of finely chopped spring onions, dill and grated Kashkaval cheese. Add a good quantity of minced lamb, mix well together and then mince again.
To this add 3 or 4 egg yolks, salt and pepper and some spice and mix well together.

[Form the mixture into round flattish patties and] fry in butter till pomegranate-coloured on both sides.

Drain the butter (some pour this over the meatballs) and eat them piping hot somewhere with a beautiful view among the green lusciousness.

[I don't add 'spice' which usually means a mixture of cumin, allspice and black pepper and certainly pour the butter and sticky bits over them.]

I may stand corrected, but I think I ate these above Anatoli on Napier Street all that time ago...I am making them now. The terrace is approaching spring lusciousness, with green herbs and violas and nemesias and roses beginning to open and figs forming, and it will have to do.


  1. Sounds like it "does" nicely. So exciting to know we've been banned. Not in Boston, but somewhere!

  2. Dit klink wonderlik. Wens ek was daar.

  3. Good lamb balls - we use a chevre 'log' as the cheese. Probably quite wrong, but quite good.

    webb, indeed - and think of the poor Turkish bloggers who could not access their blogs!

    Ek ook, Anjo...

  4. autumn meat balls for some.
    but happily so!


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