Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kir rouge

A summer staple. Good for sipping inbetween repotting herbs, rearranging pots, or picking up fallen white rose petals. The condensation on the glass starts to drip with little mud rivers, after a while. To make, a splash of good crème de cassis, a slug of medium to light-bodied red wine, a slice of lemon, ice cubes. Stir. 


  1. I've been needing an alternative to my friend Margarita for puttering around in the garden. This sounds like a winner - and a great excuse for some Creme de Cassis! Thanks.

  2. I'll stick to my summer (or indeed any time of the year!) staple...Vodka and Ginger Beer with Ginger Beer ice cubes, very thirstquenching!!

  3. I do love margaritas, but this is a little softer. But darn it, now you've made me want a margarita, webb! Tsk.

    Belinda yes, weird with the red wine, but it is!

    Anne - hm, sounds pretty good, and silenly lethal (non-taste of vodka!). I have been guilty of introducing Tequila to ginger beer, with lots of lime slices. Have you tried Pimms, too?

  4. Pimms is very nice but I'm afraid I can't be bothered to wade through the forest of greenery to get to the drink!

    Another summer time favourite, Kirsch folded into choc chip ice cream..yummy!


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