Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Litter Mob in the New York Times

Rainbow condom in Prospect Park's Midwood. In the picture, Uli Seit of The Times

I'm sorry about but the picture, but, well, it is what it is.

The story of our litter pick up in Prospect Park is in today's New York Times, written by Elissa Gootman. It is very well written.

Vincent and I find ourselves looking at trash the way a connoisseur might, now. Which reminds me to post about Dead Horse Bay.

So, the next Litter Mob, June 7th - volunteers sought. The usual drill:

Meet at corner of East Drive and Center Drive (map here) in  Prospect Park, 9am sharp.

Gloves, grabbers, bags and birdsong provided (our gloves were late last time. Won't happen again...). Come armed with a sense of humour. Don't pack lunch. You won't want it afterwards. Not because you are feeling strange, more that you feel you need to be scrubbed down, first. Maybe emergency first responders for a nuclear disaster can practise decontamination on us, every other Tuesday.

We will also be doing a little horticultural work this time as a reward for schlepping condoms away. The Midwood still needs a lot of care, and helping to plant saplings is a step towards ensuring trees for future New Yorkers, who have not been born yet.

If you would like to help next Tuesday*, please RSVP me.

And thanks again to our last crew - especially to the Manhattan resident! -  for hard work, stiff upper lips and an excellent haul...

For more about the Midwood (the part of Prospect Park that we help clean) and its litter issue, visit this list of posts.

* It bears repeating that it is midweek because we are accompanied by an Alliance employee, who is not available at weekends.

As usual, some background posts on the subject - the sticky road to the Litter Mob, most recent first:

Litter Mob 2 - the images
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  2. From 1992-94 I worked for Prospect Park Alliance. I was a part of the forester crew responsible for planing trees and vegetation in all areas of the park, including the Midwood. Condoms, and other forms of urban detritus were common. A great deal of time was spent cleaning up the garbage that people left behind. It was truly disgusting and disheartening. It was difficult not to have contempt. I admire your efforts. I know it's hard, hard work...Maybe you can get that guy from 'Dirty Jobs' to accompany you into the garden...

  3. Hmm, a chic Brooklyn bushwacker (as described in the NYT). I'm sure you don't feel that way after picking up (OMG) 600 condoms and 2000 condom wrappers.

    But, many kudos to you and the litter mob for your mighty efforts in the park.

  4. You're a true urban heroine and legend:)

    So is your crew.


  5. Gold lame thong and studded dog collar? Boggles the mind! Huge kudos to you and the intrepid cleaners! Wish I were close enough to help.

  6. As a frequent jogger in the Midwood, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I work during the week and am out of town until mid-June, otherwise I would join you on the 7th. I will keep checking back for updates on future clean up days.

  7. I find that it's not so much hard work as it is queasy and tedious. I am working summer school now, so I'll have to leave early, but otherwise will see you on the 7th.

  8. Thanks for the support, Supporters:-)

    Katy - thanks. It's good to hear from people who know this woodland. we mete every 2 weeks, next one 7 June, 9am.

    Thanks Frank - any time you can spare is wonderful.


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