Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May = Roses

The first roses from the terrace. The climbing Iceberg has reverted to some double pink rose forebear/parent stock. Weird, but beautiful. Not every bloom does it - every three or so.

Along with the gloves, grabber and trashbag in the Midwood section of Prospect Park today, I will be carrying a camera, as part of my project for Wildflower Week (photograph some every day).  Prospect Park, however, while out-performing it in litter, has never yielded the perennial riches of Central Park's Ramble. Since the Midwood and The Ramble are equally famous for cruising, couldn't we at least even things out a bit botanically and add some native woodland perennials to the Brooklyn version? Some shooting star,  trout lilies, Solomon's seal, May apple, wild leeks (ramps), swamp sunflower...


  1. I read that cool spring weather can cause 'Iceberg' roses to flush pink.

  2. You know how icebergs (you know the ice kind) look blue in the center? Maybe your roses are trying to mimic that - only in a great color! I think they are lovely. I'd call it a special edition.

  3. That is a superbly beautiful combo

  4. How pretty! I planted two icebergs (bare root) in the fall. One made it and one didn't. Was lucky to find a potted one last week to replace it. No buds yet but a lot of growth.


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