Friday, May 27, 2011

Roof farm

The potatoes on the roof are about the only thing that looks lush at the moment. Today I plant out the poblano peppers. And look forward to pork ribs simmered in an ancho sauce. I may have to wait a while. The strawberries on the terrace are ripening, practically overnight and a constant rain of rose petals patters onto the gravel of an evening.

And there is some Indian roast chicken, next door at (the Food)


  1. Your garden is looking good, are you getting the heat?


  2. Have you mounded your potatoes? I've been negligent but will do mine now if you tell me you've done yours.

  3. Thanks Kellye, not the most beautiful, but functional...

    Jane, yes, beginning to!

    Ellen, start mounding!

  4. MacDonald, your farm is looking good! Haven't had home grown potatoes in years - wonderful!

  5. I've just done my first earthing up of my potatoes in pots. I've never grown them this way before, so I'm just hoping for the best.

    The garden looks great!

  6. have you ever had problems of pots being blown off the roof? i notice there isn't a fence or anything along the back edge. Just curious as I've been a little nervous about putting much on my similar looking roof. also, what is that on your roof that looks like a sheep?

  7. Anonymous - no - never, but I am not blase about it, it is an important consideration. The big ones are too heavy to blow, and well watered (so heavier), but when the tomatoes are full in the cages they have blown onto their sides in bad storm. The good thing is that they have the low wall at their backs, so they have nowhere to go. This is the first time I have troughs on the ledge and as long as whatever is in them is low (salad greens), there will be no sail effect. That is a beaded sheep, yes, from Cape Town! His rear end is wedged between two pots :-)

    When considering what to plant on your roof think of what might be top heavy. A tall tree in a round pot is a blow-over hazard. Square is more stable. But low-growing plants or shrubs are stable if the pot is big enough. Feel free to send pictures!

  8. Thanks so much for your response. I've got a few square pots to put up there and I was also gifted a few of those "potato grow bag" pots which are made of thick fabric which I'll take up there since its difficult to move them even intentionally I'm sure they'll be very stable (if not particularly attractive). but, good enough to get a few herbs and veggies going.
    Thanks again for the advice and I'll update you if I have any great ideas or exciting mishaps ; )


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