Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rooftop life

While Blogger was down, life continued, unreported (if something was not blogged, did it really happen?). 

Pink gins were sipped on the rooftop.

Red spider mite swarmed disconcertingly around the roof farm before being washed away by a spider mite tsunami.

The cat and the Frenchman hung out on the terrace.

The fava beans continued to leaf out just a little faster than we ate the leaves.

And it was nice enough to have supper outside several times.


  1. I love your terrace.

    The dinner table looks very convivial!

    See, see how you have to 'slum it' with pink gin when blogger goes down. Life goes on alright.

  2. OH WOW your terrace is just is your roof! I've never eaten fava leaves, do you eat the young ones in salad...?

  3. I don't know why, but in my Google Reader I read your lovely post about Pelham Bay Park, but when I followed the link, I was told by Blogger that the page doesn't exist. Odd.

    I wanted to say that your first flower is a Spring Beauty, a lovely little wildflower.

  4. Your bird pictures are excellent.
    Well done Chicken. And of course the flowers too .........

  5. Rob - I love your stone house :-)

    Jane - yes'm

    Mrs Bok - yes, young ones, salad, and if you have enough, wilt, eat on toast, or as you like it.

    Robley - my fault, posted by accident last night, and the feed stays put. Blogger quirk.

    Thank you Hen! xxx

  6. The terrace already looks like THE terrace - hoorah! Isn't this weather - when it's not raining - glorious. No real heat and no humidity to interfere with outside dining. enjoy!


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