Saturday, May 7, 2011

On the terrace

I let the kale and chervil, from a mesclun mix,  form flowers. We'll eat them. Sometime.

Tempted to eat the chive buds, but the flowers are so pretty I'll let them bloom. It's a pain to pick out each pale, dead flower stalk afterwards, but worth it for the show.

The big surprise was the horde of little hardy begonias (Begonia grandis) emerging from the gravel floor of the terrace. Their nutty-looking bulbils, formed in the leaf axes last year, obviously dropped off, and took root. I have dozens. I really had no idea they were that easy to propagate.

The strawberry flowers have very long stems. I wonder whether they will all be bent with the ripe berries in a few weeks.

And the fig looks beautiful. 


  1. I'm looking forward to our strawberries ripening! I'll have to pot up some of our runners like you have. Ours send our runners everywhere, it's getting out of control. Do you change out the soil in the pots every season? Or just amend it with organic fertilizer?

  2. Hi Meems - you know, I haven't changed the soil, so we will have to see how that affects the poor little buggers. Yes, food, food, food.


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