Monday, May 23, 2011

Prospect Park Litter action

We will be in the woods tomorrow, rain or shine, and this time our clean up of the Midwood will enjoy some press attention.

Apart from seeing our core group again and meeting a couple of new volunteers, I look forward to the sights and sounds of these lovely woods. Becoming familiar with any natural area is wonderful because one becomes aware of the detail of change in the intervals between visits. The oyster mushrooms will have grown, flowers faded, others opened, leaves turned a deeper green. I'm also curious about how much new trash has been generated and whether the brush barriers around the old tulip trees have been left intact.

If you are suddenly able to join us read this post for details and please RSVP me.


  1. It was only a matter of time -this is a confluence. By the way, I've been thinking edible mushrooms in a major way since all the rain.

  2. Hope lots and lots of folks show up and that you accomplish plenty. Oh, and that it's a lovely day for you.

  3. Frank - hmm, I had not thought of that - rain = mushrooms. Duh. I'll show the The Log.

    webb - Thank you, my dear! I wish. Lots and lots don't show up for condom clean up, or for any litter, I'm sure. I am hugely appreciative of those who do, and who do so more than once. Many complain, few show up. And I know how that is as I complain about a lot of things about which I do zip.

  4. By the way, maybe it's only me who would think of such things, but if there is severe weather, I think the boat house is closest, or maybe under a bridge.

  5. I hope lots of people turn up and you all have a great time!


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