Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Edible Balcony in The Independent

Alex Mitchell's new and by all accounts wonderful book about small space edible gardening is reviewed in The Independent, and 66 Square Feet illustrates the article.

I am grateful for the straightforward and professional attitude of editors towards photo usage - often people who blog first and publish in print as a consequence are treated as poor cousins to writers and photographers who start the other way round (and sometimes with good reason!), but I have been lucky, so far. The exception this year was the South African edition of O Magazine, which published but did not credit a picture of me by Vincent - in express disregard of our terms, which were minimal (like, uh, please credit the photograher?). So, no more freebies to the big boys and girls.

The picture above was taken in August, and I think that wine was a Mulderbosch rose...The forest of basil reminds me to check on my tiny basil seedlings. We eat quite a lot of Vietnamese-inspired food in warm months and while I have never seen Vietnamese basil, Thai basil added in small handfuls to fresh salads and rolls is delicious.

And I need purple basil for Insalata Caprese. Nothing better.
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