Friday, May 13, 2011

What is a garden? what I ask on Shelterpop. It's my never-ending, endlessly regenerating question. 


  1. Enjoyed your article Marie. Whilst people love their gardens for many different reasons, I am intrigued by this human desire of ours to get our hands into the soil and cultivate. I guess that urge to cultivate is pretty hardwired into our DNA by now - but the effect on us physically and emotionally are surprisingly powerful, no?

    Another interesting question is what makes a great garden?

  2. Today I would answer, unmowed grass, masses of open peonies, weeds,dreams, iris, a vole next door, lots and lots of hope and plans to work very hard in said garden tomorrow.

  3. And blue and pink growing with abandon - like the first picture! I love the way you find the spirit of urban gardeners. They (and you!) make me feel guilty for my many square feet of space, but they tell me that the human spirit is alive and well in the big city!


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