Saturday, May 14, 2011

May's flowers

May is for roses, not yet in full swing. But it also belongs to clematis. This one is in the sweet little brownstone garden that I admire on Henry Street, about three blocks upstream from us, in Brooklyn Heights. The garden is a lesson in layered plantings. There is always something in bloom in the tiny space. From daffodils and snowdrops to allium, delphinium and lilies. I must take more pictures of it.


  1. Clematis! ...another favourite (I have so many)... in Ontario the new green shoots are just starting to emerge from from the old woods and will bloom variously in June sometime. Everything is such an bright, verdant GREEN at this time of year... so nice before the summer burn.

  2. Gorgeous clematis! Your growing season is far ahead of ours here in the Upper Midwest. I love your blog ... beautiful pics ... and a bright, captivating writing style!

  3. I too love your blog, have I never told you?

    My beautiful clematis died when the crepe myrtle was torn asunder during one one wonter storm.

    Now we have a 4 limbed tree, 2 sprouting leaves, 2 dead, the fifth removed by GG. What to do? Seriously, remove other 2 branches? Grow vines up them? Or buy new $$$ tree?

    Helpless in Virginia

  4. Val, yes, I should have uttered May = clematis, here!

    Marianne - thank you. When do your clematis bloom?

    Jane! Clip off the remaining leaves and paint your poor tree sapphire blue or hot pink? Dead tree = sculpture?


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