Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If it's wet, it's Tuesday

Rain predicted through next week. It is a soft, stippling mist. We walked through the Brooklyn night in it, down the deserted Fulton mall, the metal gates pulled shut in flat corrugations. Night on the terrace is a ruffling of cold breeze, a rippling of tires on wet tar, wet rose petals dropping to the gravel floor.

Day and the squirrel has discovered gardening and pots, and digging, and whistles suggestively at the cat as he saunters past the sliding door.

On the roof he digs up my tomato plants. This didn't happen last year. The potatoes are too tough to be bothered by small paws.

And he doesn't like radishes.

The farm above our heads tries to remember August.

The roses remember parties.

The squirrel remembers nuts but only vaguely, and digs.


  1. The roses are lovely! ...the squirrels are PITA.

  2. chicken wire over the tomato pots will keep the buggers from mucking around in the soil. they will probably not be very interested in the tomato plants themselves. good luck.

  3. Blasted squirrels but a very cute picture. Tell Don Es to up and at him with all his amoury.

  4. Beautiful terrace & roses. Not so much the squirrels. The ones around here dug up my tomato pots AND ate my tomatoes last summer. Peppermint oil only works a little bit and for a little while.

  5. Shotgun. Simple yet effective.

    Second picture beyond beautiful. Did you gasp as it downloaded?

    xo jane

  6. I absolutely love your garden! What an inspiration! I've got a large but bare enclosed patio/garden on the back of my apartment in the heart of Dublin, but unfortunately it's a basement apartment with 7 stories above it, and although bright, doesn't get any direct sunlight. I am dying to grow edibles, but nothing I have tried is growing (for obvious reasons). Any ideas for turning this bare patch into a lush oasis?

  7. p.s. I'd be happy to look for a copy of The Edible Balcony in the bookstores here and send you a copy if I can find it!

  8. beautiful pictures. Thank you for brightening my our wet, cold, rainy NW day. :)

  9. such pretty pretty shots. that damn squirrel is cute but leaving peanuts and other gifts in my pots. tell him to get lost. what a loser.


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