Sunday, October 18, 2009


If you can get to Hamlet at the Broadhurst Theatre then get to Hamlet at the Broadhurst Theatre. It's worth the ticket. Jude Law is the man. He can act. Really. And enunciate and even make it all seem incredibly relevant.Which is the genius of Shakespeare.

I had read no reviews, had no preconceptions, not even a prejudice. Hadn't read or ever seen Hamlet. Shall read it, and would like to see it again.


  1. that is quite the recommendation, I read it was 3 hours long & was afraid to take the chance. I think I may try & get a ticket! I do love Shakespeare so thanks.

  2. Jude Law? Hamlet?


    Astonished of England.

  3. I was just telling J I would love to see this. The last play we saw was Macbeth with Patrick Stewart, so this would be a good follow-up I think!


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