Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring under the Bridges


  1. mousing over the bottom picture just gives me "Dumbo jpg" and I feel something of a "dumbo" as I don't know what this is! Have I been too long away from gardening?

  2. :-)


    Down Under the Manhattan and Brooklyn Overpasses

    Named coined by long ago residents to make it unattractive to developers, or at least that's the popular theory. The developers don't mind it now.

  3. Oh! I really am a "dumbo." I know what the acronym is - I meant the plant!
    Too long away from gardening? Too long away from editing!!

  4. Oh! Well, answering the dumbo question was so much eaasier. The plant was growing right through the middle of an amelanchier bush, and threw me at first. I thought it was an early-blooming sport, the result of graft, but it seemed to be it's own thing entirely. It looks very apricot-y, to me, but I am realizing that my ID'ing of blossoming (redundant?)fruit trees leaves a lot to be desired.

    Oh! Ah, you mean the other pic.The red thingies. I Don't Know! But maybe someone else does...

  5. Thankyou, Marie. Now, terrier-like, I'll go searching.(I managed to ID the water buttercup that way via RHS. Watch this space?)


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