Thursday, July 18, 2013

Books and black currants

Later, this very hot day, I'll sweat my way back to the farmers market to see if I can scoop up some more currants. I'll have missed the black ones, I am sure, because word is out and they are being sold by the trayful (...ahem) in the early morning. No, I was not there in the early morning.

But the red ones make for wunnerful gin and I need more infusions. I am stock piling. You never know when you might need to pour a lot of pink gin.

For a book party on September 7th, at 4pm, perhaps. Wanna come? Book Court.

Here's some jam. I will post a recipe later on (The Food). But first I must start to write a story about this bread! bread! bread! [in the video, stick around till 0:58].

Stay cool. This city is melting.

And if you live near a glacier, please roll in it for me. Don't let it run you over.


  1. Anything scheduled for DC? I could see a roadtrip...

  2. Webb is right. DC needs you. This is all going to be happening in one hot second. It's wonderful Marie.

    xo Jane

    1. webb and Jane :-(

      ...I'd love to, but my publishers say there is no budget to do a "tour." It is disappointing.

      I would have loved to, as I feel the book would be welcomed, and then I could visit y'all :-)

  3. The photograph of your glass of gin looks like a painting from Autumn de Forest!


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