Monday, July 22, 2013


I, in my house-under-threat,  have leaf wraps, cold beer, and some zinnias. And hyssop.

Flowers. We needs them.

(Also...lettuce. Important.)


  1. Wherever you three move, you will make it beautiful.

  2. Wow I missed the slug post. that's quite an increase. Is that even legal?

    I'm so afraid you're going to leave the country.

    When did I become so codependent?

    But thanks for inviting us over.

    Hopefully you chilled a nonalcholic beer for me? Thought so!

    xo Jane

  3. Your zinnias are the epitome of summer, a striking counterpoint to the protea images of a few weeks ago.
    So sorry to read of your rent dilemma - don't you just love free market excess?

  4. Gteen with pink zinnias? perfect summer.

  5. Zinnias! From the roof? Oh, I "borrowed" some of your roses and clematis to bulk my meager blooms for FITH!

  6. The zinnias just sparkle next to the wonderful greens. So pretty

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  8. We've got a little room on our roof in Chelsea if you guys want to pitch a tent there. (FYI - Bean, our cowardly pit bull, loves cats.)

  9. Nice Photog'. Crunchy, proper summer lettuce is a nice change from small leaves and trimmings. A patch of big crispy Rouge d'Hiver to munch on. Saskatoon berries are just ripening here in the Alberta Foothills - the Robins and Waxwings have been sampling.

    Wow!!! to the rent increase. I hope you find a meaningful option/opportunity out of the circumstance. I really enjoy your blog. A huge New York City-ophile, but it must be very expensive to live there. My annual NYC trips leave char-marks on my credit card.

    Every once in awhile when I'm feeling restless/discontented I try to think through a plan 'B'. A challenge to consider new possibilities. The Canadian west coast appeals to me, the 8 month prairie winters are becoming more of a challenge every year.

    Best Regards,

  10. Beautiful photo, lovely photos, fun words - my kind of blog post. ;o)

  11. Zinnias--so summery. Beautiful picture.


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