Thursday, July 25, 2013

Picnic while ye may

A rather predictable, but still enjoyable summer picnic: deviled eggs - the warm, almost-hard yolks taken out and mixed with the brilliant green field garlic oil that lives in the fridge, buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes with basil from the terrace, good old saucisson, a stinky chees, and a sourdough baguette...


  1. I was inspired by your garden foraging for yesterday's dinner. As a result, I made some pesto from my garden. Some got tossed with bow tie pasta and the rest went in the freezer for a winter's day reminder of the flavors of summer. Ate it with leftover citrus chicken and sauted matchstick squash also from the garden.

    The kitties watched every bite of that chicken being eaten, but the truth is that when I have offered a bit in the past, they don't like the citrus so I'm not wasting any more offerings.

    Have you made any decisions about your housing yet? Surely where ever you move, you can bring at least some of the pots....


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