Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunflower salads

These are easy. Sprinkle sunflower seeds into some nice potting soil, cover lightly, water, and wait a few days. Mine are on the roof, but they can be grown on a windowsill, too. Very accommodating.

I have already started to snip the wobbly and succulent stems, to pile on top of salads of shaved beetroot and fanned avocado. What's in them? Lots of Vitamin A, B, E and zinc. And protein. Eat your sprouts...

I ordered my sunflower seeds from Botanical Interests (as usual, creature of habit) - I'm not sure what the germination rate would be on store-bought seeds, made for eating.

People sometimes chew those seeds - still shelled - on the subway. Chomp, chomp, chomp. Food for gerbils.

Then they spit the hulls neatly into a loose fist, or right onto the floor.

Noo York, Noo York, it's a wonderful town!


  1. The sprouts are delicious too.

  2. My garden in Colorado is exploding at this point(we finally got some rain instead of fire). I've started harvesting cukes, lettuce, Egyptian Walking onions at this point...still waiting on those darn tomatoes though. I think if I planted sunflower seeds, the birds would suck them all up before they had a chance to sprout.

  3. I've noticed clumps of sunflower sprouts in a lot of my pots and have been pulling them out and discarding. Now I will harvest them and add them to salads. So glad I found this post!


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